Vladimir Putin called the murder of the daughter of the organizer of the invasion of Ukraine a “heinous crime”. Entertainment news

Vladimir Putin called the murder of the daughter of a TV expert, the initiator of the invasion of Ukraine, a “heinous crime”.

Neo-Nazi occultist Alexander Dugin, known as “Putin’s brain”, has called for revenge for the explosion that blew up his 30-year-old daughter Daria “Dasha” Dugin on Saturday. (20.08.22)

Amid rumors that Putin, 69, was behind the strike in retaliation for Dugin apparently criticizing him for not bombing Ukraine harshly enough, the Russian despot released a statement paying tribute to Dugin.

In a statement released by the Kremlin, Putin said: “A vile, brutal crime cut short the life of Daria Dugina, a bright, talented person with a true Russian heart – kind, loving, compassionate and open.”

Russia strangely blames the bombing on a Ukrainian female assassin who it claims sneaked into Moscow with her 12-year-old daughter, with Putin’s spies even claiming the alleged hitman traveled in and out of Russia in a Mini Cooper – in echoes the 1969 film Working in Italian.

Dugin reportedly suffered a heart attack following the explosion on Saturday night after being taken to hospital after a video of him clutching his head in despair as he watched his daughter’s Toyota Land Cruiser Prado burn on a highway outside Moscow.

In his first statement after the attack, Dugin condemned what he called a “terrorist attack carried out by the Nazi Ukrainian regime.”

And he added: “But they won’t succeed. Our hearts long for more than revenge or retribution.

“It’s too small, not in Russian. We only need our victory. My daughter laid her life on his altar – so please win.’

Dugin, 60, escaped death by changing his car at the last minute after returning with his daughter from the Russian Tradition festival.

Dugina, a Russian journalist, has reported from Ukraine since the start of the war for pro-Russian media and was sanctioned by the British government last month for “frequently and loudly spreading” misinformation about the nation and Putin’s invasion.

No group has claimed responsibility for the car bombing that killed her.

Putin’s closest allies are said to be on high alert as the blast has heightened fears that he and his top generals are preparing for a coup.


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