Vladimir Putin’s health is “sharply deteriorating” | Entertainment news

It is reported that Vladimir Putin’s health is “sharply deteriorating”.

The health of the 69-year-old Russian president has been the subject of speculation in recent months, with an opposition insider saying he is “no longer attending meetings” as his army continues its war in Ukraine.

The General SVR Telegram channel has claimed for months that Putin has been diagnosed with cancer and is also battling other serious medical problems.

The source added: “It is very likely that the president will not be able to personally hold meetings and participate in major events in the near future.”

It has also been alleged that Putin hired doppelgangers at some events to hide his health problems.

Moreover, Putin is said to be losing support for his military amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The source explained: “practically the entire military leadership of Russia places the blame both for the unsuccessful start and the general course of the military operation, and for the huge losses in manpower and weapons precisely on President Vladimir Putin.”

Despite this, Putin’s military leaders “have no doubt that they will be blamed for all the failures and problems on the front.”

Meanwhile, the director of the CIA recently dismissed speculations about Putin’s health.

Bill Burns has addressed speculation about the Russian leader, saying he is “perfectly healthy”. However, he acknowledged that his comments were not “formal intelligence opinion.”

Asked about Putin’s health, he joked in July: “There are a lot of rumors about President Putin’s health, and as far as we can tell, he’s too healthy.”

Meanwhile, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov dispelled these speculations.

He insisted the president was “well” and in “good health” and described the rumors as “nothing but a hoax.”


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