Waverly Heights Retirement Community Acquires GrayCare LLC

Waverly Heights Retirement Community in Lower Marion Township, Montgomery County has announced the acquisition of GrayCare LLC, a managed care company focused on supporting families as they make decisions about caring for their loved ones.

Effective July 1, the business became GrayCare by Waverly Heights and will operate as an additional business to Waverly Care, a personalized private home care service for seniors.

GrayCare of Waverly Heights will provide a comprehensive approach to supporting individuals and their families as they make difficult decisions and try to understand the variety of services available.

Care managers will provide information, resources and ongoing support that is tailored to each individual.

The business will be led by executive director Nicole Stroman with oversight from Meredith Feher, senior vice president of health care for Waverly Heights.

“Waverly Heights is committed to expanding our services to meet the ever-increasing demand for assistance for people in our community,” said Thomas P. Garvin, president and CEO of Waverly Heights Retirement Community. “The reputation and mission of GrayCare LLC closely aligns with Waverly Heights and Waverly Care, and we are excited to begin the expansion of our managed care services.

“The values, work ethic and quality of Waverly Heights and Waverly Care will give current and future clients the confidence that their care needs will be met.”

GrayCare LLC was founded in 1992 by owner Joyce Gray. Over the past 29 years, Gray has grown her business into a high-quality, successful organization serving clients throughout the region, including Waverly Heights.

Patty Rogers, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Waverly Care, and her team have partnered with GrayCare in providing caregiver services for over a decade.

The acquisition of GrayCare will provide greater flexibility in the way Waverly Heights operates its core business and will support efforts to offer the best amenities and services to seniors.

About Waverly Heights: Waverly Heights is a non-profit Life Plan community located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Main Line. In addition to beautiful gardens and lawns, Waverly Heights offers unparalleled service in an atmosphere of classic style and elegance. To learn more about Waverly Heights, visit

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