Weather in Pittsburgh: “perfect” day

Pittsburgh (KDKA) – Great weather expected today.

Today: The weather will remain pleasant in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Alert: So far none. Potential on Saturday when a strong front sweeps by

In the course: The big warm-up takes place on Friday, Saturday

The only problem I see is that the wind speed today will sometimes be a little strong.

Today in the afternoon I have a wind speed of 15 to 20 miles per hour that comes from the northwest.

KDKA Weather Center

Plus today will be a pretty standard May day. The maximum temperature will be about 70 degrees, and the average temperature at this time of year will be 72 degrees.

KDKA Weather Center

Morning lows are likely to drop one or two below 50 this morning, also around average. I expect that today during the day there will be a lot of sunlight with a fairly low level of humidity, sometimes even this afternoon can be a little cool.

Tomorrow night it may rain, most of Wednesday will be dry but with lots of clouds. The wound arrives after 5pm tomorrow night, and probably overnight falls from a good fifth inch of rain to half an inch.

KDKA Weather Center

The total rainfall will be higher along I-80 compared to I-70 with locations south of I-70, and everyone sees a decent amount of rain. Tomorrow afternoon will be overcast.

Tomorrow it will rain on the front edge of the warm front, which will pass through. On Thursday the temperature will start around 80, on Friday and Saturday – up to 80.

KDKA Weather Center

You want the air conditioner to be turned on on the weekends when the temperature has jumped.


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