Weather in Pittsburgh: Sunday will remain warm weather and clouds

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – We are starting with a little cloudy and colder than yesterday, with a minimum of 60.


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The maximum temperature today will be above 70, and the cloudiness during the day will increase. A cold front will pass in the region this afternoon, bringing light rains and a thunderstorm south of I-70.

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KDKA Weather Center

They will move fast and nothing serious is expected.

Dryer and cooler air is coming in front and we’re back in the 50s tomorrow morning.


KDKA Weather Center

On Monday the maximum will be much colder from the mid to above the 60s. We stay dry on Monday and Tuesday before Wednesday and Thursday late on Wednesday and Thursday there will be an opportunity to see additional showers and / or storms.

On Thursday we briefly return to the 80s, and on Friday and Saturday we drop to a minimum by the mid-70s.

On the eve of Remembrance Day weekend, it seems we may have another great warm-up!


KDKA Weather Center

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