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Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Perez short-termed Tim Anderson, but first baseman Jose Abreu dropped a low throw and was accused of making a mistake.

A mistake by the fourth inning caused the ball to roll in the rally twice for the Royals.

It sums up how last week went for the Chicago White Sox, who lost their eighth straight loss to 6-0 on Tuesday at Guaranteed Right Field.

“You have to hold on,” Sox manager Tony La Rousseau said. “There were a couple of mistakes here and there. We then did some great plays later to show that we are still playing. It shows you what we are capable of.

“The biggest problem was not throwing the ball over the plate. The wind was blowing, there were balls that went nowhere. We were attended by 11 guys. It was just a night when we didn’t have a team, but they had jugs. “

The Sox fought in defense and at the plate while sliding. Both problems re-emerged on Tuesday at the start of the series along with the inability to consistently strike.

The Sox were first knocked down in 2022. They scored three or fewer runs in 10 of their last 11 games.

Abreu and Anderson made mistakes by giving the Sox 20 points in the major leagues this season. They made a mistake in 15 of the 16 games and nine in a row, making it their longest series of sloppiness since making mistakes in 10 games in a row from June 24 to July 3, 2017.

The 11 walks were the highest of the season and corresponded to the highest number since September 20, 2020 in Cincinnati.

This combination led to their first series of defeats with eight games from June 14-22, 2018.

“I see it in the dugout, they’re upset when they have to be upset,” La Rousseau said. “They’re trying to force things because they don’t like the way things are going. They get frustrated when they play not as well as they should. Everything that is part of it, the heart and the gut are whole. It’s not fun. This is hard to accept.

“I’m sure the fans are unhappy, but so is the club. Everything else is how we do it – care, perseverance – if you have that kind of talent and you have to chase the guys to get started, or they walk around, smiling or not working, then you have the wrong people. We have the right people. So we will be fine. But the sooner the better, because we’re not having fun. “

Sox starter Dallas Keichel has allowed two unearned runs on two strokes with five moves and two strikeouts in four innings with a plus.

“It all started with me tonight,” Kochel said. “I’d like to have a little better efficiency.”

Both unearned races took place in the fourth. Perez scored a goal as a result of a hit by Bobby Witt Jr. in the backyard when third baseman Jake Burger was unable to clear the ball.

“I think from the periphery I saw Vita quite far down the line, and that was probably the cause of a small mistake,” Burger said. “I have to be better there. My only game there – a plate at home with (Perez) running. Obviously it’s a tough game, but I have to do better. “

Carlos Santana, who scored on the walk, scored on the ground first.

The Royal Team opened the game with four runs in the sixth. The Sox passed three hits, including Santana’s single with two runs, and passed four in the innings.

The savagery passed from Sunday when the Sox lost nine in a 6-4 defeat to the Minnesota Twins in 10 halves. The Sox allowed at least nine games in a row for the first time from June 22-23, 1996, when they walked 10 Seattle Mariners on the first day and nine the next day.

Meanwhile, the Sox again failed to go on the offensive. They were limited to five shots, two from Burger, and went with a score of 0 to 5 when the runners took a goal position.

Royals starter Daniel Lynch conceded two shots and scored seven in six innings.

“We win and lose as a team,” Burger said. “All we can do is show up again (Wednesday) and go. This is the name of the game. There is a reason why there are 162 of them. “

In the last 13 games, the Sox are gaining 0.171 (12 out of 70), and in the last 13 games – 0.194 (37 out of 191) with runners at the base this season.

“Similar stretches happen during the season, more often than not, even for clubs that finish first,” La Rousse said. “I can confirm that. The reality is that this is a real advantage in the competition. It’s not that it’s really one-sided and you get a little funky and that’s okay. You get in the wrong direction and it’s hard to win the game.

“I don’t doubt talent, I don’t doubt caring. We just have to do better. Don’t be disappointed and don’t deviate from the alphabet of what we need to do. And keep pulling together, no matter how banal it may sound – win together, lose together, never give up, never give up. All this is how you will survive six months.

“It’s the same if we’ve won eight in a row now. Start walking like we did, the game will give you a slap. At this level it is mostly between the ears. Ears, heart, intestines. And we need to succeed to make it happen. Like (Wednesday) afternoon ”.


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