We asked and you came back with all the good and thankful messages. Here’s what readers and followers of The Incline said they were grateful for this year:

“I am grateful for our postman Joe, who delivers mail to our corner of Squirrel Hill regardless of the weather. It helps us feel a little more connected to the big world, especially on days when we feel lonely. ” Boaz F.

“I am very grateful that we moved my 88-year-old mother from Florida to Pittsburgh. It’s much better for her not to live alone, and I can see her all the time to play cards and manage her daily affairs. ” Carrie G.

“This year I was ridiculously grateful to my local Facebook group. ‘Don’t buy anything, don’t sell anything.’ I met so many incredible neighbors in conversation and conversations, got and got rid of so many things that could be dumped, and even found a new home for one of my mom’s cats after she died suddenly last December. I am very grateful to have found this amazing community. Check your Facebook page to see if there is a page in your area, I highly recommend joining it! ” Kedin B.

“Now we’ve moved, but I’m so grateful to have grown up surrounded by green trees, grass and wildflowers, and had to watch Mr. Rogers with our little girl every day … impossible.” Marcia S.

“Thank you for restoring the theater! CLO, Benedum, Byham, Heinz Hall and everyone else! Carol E.

“I am grateful that Pittsburgh has the wonderful hospitals we have. They saved my life. ” Lina N.

“I am grateful that the young people who have moved to Pittsburgh are bringing vitality to this old town. new restaurants, music venues and art installations make Pittsburgh a great place to live. ” Joanie C.

“Work at home with your own bathroom 🚽😎” @ 1wheelken

“Our squad! They really make Pittsburgh a * sweeter * place, and we are so inspired by their commitment to spreading love. Ice cream seems trivial during a global pandemic, but heck, we need these happy moments. 🙌🙏💕 ” @millies

“So grateful for @helloneighborhq Greetings to all in Pittsburgh 💜💜💜🙏🏼🤗🤗 Ebtehal B

“Incredibly grateful to our baristas who safely, consistently serve customers and maintain a high level of service even in the most tedious shifts! Also very grateful to our customers who supported us in 2021 (which was sometimes even harder than in 2020!) And supported all our community initiatives. We love you so much, Pittsburgh! ” @addacoffeehouse

“I am very grateful for my health and the opportunity to serve this incredible city and interact with everyone on a daily basis. I am infinitely grateful to my customers and their love, kindness and kindness to me. I love all your asses ❤️ ” @brothmonger

“Also for Bridges. Because it would be scary to linger on the banks of the Millvale River indefinitely. ” @pittsburghpersonified

“We are very grateful for Pittsburgh in general! The well of guest opportunities is endless because of 412! ” @yajagoff

“The Heinz History Center is grateful for the wonderful and diverse communities we serve in Pittsburgh and beyond. We are also incredibly grateful to our front-line staff at the Historic Center, Fort Pitt Museum and Meadowcroft, who have been through so much and greet our visitors with a big smile every day! ” @historycenter

“Good health and the ability to hope for a better future.” @sherbellevs

“Art will return for sure, but in particular that many of our local art organizations have made the difficult but important decision to protect audiences, staff and performers by obliging vaccinations and masks. Screaming is my favorite theater @arcadecomedy for being a leader on this front. ” @lizlabs

💛 Many thanks to everyone who took the time to write why they are grateful to be citizens of the Steel City. We are infinitely grateful to you.

Editor’s note:

Do you feel good after these thank you notes from the neighbors? Me too.

This year, I am so grateful to be the director of The Incline, a space where Pittsburgh residents gather together to feel more connected to a city we all know and love. Pittsburgh means a lot to me, and I feel a real sense of duty to raise local journalism and engage the public with important stories. We can all feel more involved as citizens if we pay close attention to what is happening in our community, and I am very happy to be a significant link in your relationship with Burg. Yinz are absolutely the best.

💛 412 forever,

Francesca on Slope

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