At the closing of new ad attacking his Democratic opponent for “dodging debate” and his tax recordRepublican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz makes a campaign promise.

“I’m going to cut your taxes and I’m not going to take a dime of them either,” longtime talk show host Dr. Oz tells the camera.

We asked the Oz campaign what specific taxes Oz is looking to cut and if he has a specific proposal. Spokeswoman Brittany Yanik tells NBC10:

“Dr. Oz thinks we need to cut taxes, particularly for small businesses — which will suffer the most if John Fetterman spends trillions of dollars and makes inflation worse. The 2017 tax law contains many provisions that will unfortunately expire. Dr. Oz makes helping these businesses a top priority, which is why he has the support of the NFIB and the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce.”

Yanik did not mention other types of taxes.

As for “not taking a dime,” Yannick said Oz intends to donate his salary to charity if he wins.

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