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What we saw and heard on Wednesday at the 2 Series City game by the Chicago White Sox won 4-3 and won the mini-series.

Ozzy Gilen arrives on Wrigley Field in time, beaming after talking to the Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker about Baker’s 2000 career victory. Frank Thomas is in a traffic jam. Gyllen says he is grateful that tough conditions Tuesday prevented them from coming to Wrigley Field for the White Sox pre-game show. “I know for sure that there is a God now,” Gilen says.

An ivy update from a member of the Cubs ground crew: Not yet … “but hopefully soon.”

John Mancada may return next lodge, Sox manager Tony La Rousseau tells reporters in the dugout before the game. “I was hoping that a miracle would happen and he would be there for the weekend (in Boston),” says La Rousseau. He should know that Mancada does not work miracles.

Do La Russa like these mini-series of two games? “I like being in majors and whatever it is,” he says. “I also like the weekend (Thursday).”

Sox General Manager Rick Khan and La Russa gather on the field for a conversation before the game, the topic is unknown. Apparently, both are laughing, so it was not about rushing Byron Buxton with a game on the line and the first base open.

An overpass during the anthem? A weak attempt to make the series around town in early May in the middle of the week look more important than it is.

Leading Sox Jason Bennett reflects on Tuesday night’s game: “It was like playing in a car wash.”

The Sox telecast on NBC Sports Chicago Dylan Stop Microphone on Tuesday, call Tim Anderson Haumran in the opposite field and even predicting that he would land over Sloan’s sign on the right. “Now I’m dying a legend,” Sis says. “That’s all I can say.”

The cubs are broadcast on the Marquee show Jan Hap the microphone is turned on on Wednesday. “Hey”, “hey” and “yes” were among the utterances.

Hap removes the ball from the vine further Louis Robert double in the fourth inning, leading to a lively discussion between Bennett and Steve Stone on the ivy rule. If there was ivy, Stone notes, Happ would be better off leaving the ball there for duplication by the ground rules than risking throwing the ball and watching it turn into a top three.

Sox first base Gavin Letters alone through a big hole between the third and second, guided in a draw in the fourth and presenting evidence against the ban on change.

Bennett discusses “Evil Lucas” by Jalita which is sometimes manifested in the beginning. “It’s usually bad for the townspeople,” he said.

Cubs analyst Jim Deschamps shows that the Cubs ’top four strikers are a combined 0-on-8 with seven strikeouts.

In a post-game interview recorded Tuesday, the Sox are closer Liam Hendrix shown looking at the printout in the bullpen before entering the game. Hendrix explains that this is a hot card for attacking Cubs, which shows their strengths and weaknesses in the impact zone. “What are you looking for?” Bennett asks Hendrix. “Where they suck,” Hendrix replies.

Gilen and Thomas show up at the NBC Sports Chicago studio, dressed in blankets and pretending to tremble. Or maybe they really are. It’s hard to say with these guys.

Dashe emphasizes that the call of the referee from the field during Robert’s attempt at the jump was not caused until Nick Madrigal tried to extend the blow to the double.

Sox left field AJ Pollack kills one in the right field, which Madrigal cannot reach after moving to the left, which provides additional evidence against the shift ban.

Leading the cubs John “Bug” Syambi cites statistics on the disappearing counts of modern starting: only 14.2% of starting were allowed to obscure 100 fields last season. But Sciambi adds that the Sox were second in the category. “He rode on his guys,” he says of La Russa and his starters.

Every second playground in baseball has a playground on the far field, Stone notes when Robert sticks in a brick wall in the center to rob Wilson Contreras hit to finish sixth. Stone says that Robert managed to catch, despite the fact that he was “broken bricks”. During the rehearsal, Desche says, “In general, just another brick in the wall.” For Pink Floyd only fans.

After Madrigal finished second with two outs in the eighth, Happ was called, looking at a fast ball with four stitches, 94 mph. Matt Foster after two consecutive changes. “Exactly the way Lucas exposed him in his first battle,” says Desche. Jalita caught Hepa, who peeked in for the first time at the four-pointer after a 1-1 change.

Hendrix comes to end the White Sox victory for the third night in a row. On the Cubs TV broadcast you can hear a fan near the field microphone telling Ump to call a strike. “It’s cold here,” he says. Bennett says it was a game that “reminds you why you love baseball.” After the victory, he returns to the studio, and Gilen pretends that Stone is crying.

The series resumes May 28-29 on the south side. Hopefully by then it will be warmer.


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