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What you need to know about the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Who will be at No. 1 overall in the 2022 NBA Draft?

We are not too far from knowing the answer to this question.

The first 14 draft elections will be finalized when the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery takes place later this month. Thirteen teams will take part with a chance to earn the best overall choice this year, and the winner will be determined by jumping balls for ping pong.

From the date the lottery works, the odds to choose from № 1 and more, here’s everything you need to know about this year’s lottery.

When will the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery take place?

The 2022 lottery project is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th.

At what time is the NBA 2022 Draft Lottery?

The results of the lottery will be announced at 20:00 European time.

Where is the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery?

This year’s lottery project will take place in Chicago. From May 16 to 22 in Chicago is also a call for harvesters.

Which TV channel is running the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery?

ESPN will broadcast the 2022 lottery.

How can I broadcast the 2022 NBA Lottery Draft?

You can also broadcast the event on and ESPN application.

How does the NBA lottery work?

14 teams that did not make the playoffs qualify for the lottery. A total of 1,000 four-digit combinations of numbers are divided between the lottery teams, with the teams with the three worst records receiving the highest number of combinations (140) and the best team receiving the lowest number (5).

For the process of drawing 14 ping pong balls with numbers 1-14 are placed in the machine. The balls are mixed in the machine, the four are pulled one after the other at 10-second intervals to make a four-digit combination. Any team with a four-digit combination, which is the first, is awarded a choice № 1. This process is then repeated for the second, third and fourth election. The rest of the lottery, number 5-14, is put in place in the reverse order of the regular season standings.

The actual process of the draw is not broadcast on television, but simply reveals the order of the lottery.

What are the odds of the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery?

After finishing with the three worst records of the regular season in 2021-2022, the Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons tied for the best chance of winning the election № 1 of 14% each.

Houston, Orlando and Detroit won the top four in last year’s draft: Detroit selected Cade Cunningham at No. 1, the Rockets took Jalen Green in second place, and the Magic captured Jalen Sags in fourth. Each team has a 52.1% chance of getting into the top four again. The Pistons will aim to become the first team to win the lottery in the years since the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2013-14.

The Oklahoma City Thunder has the following best odds for the best pick – 12.5% ​​and they have a 48.1% chance of staying in the top four. Thunder, who has never won the draft lottery since its debut in 1985, also owns Los Angeles Clippers‘unprotected choice from Paul George’ s trade. This choice has a 7.1% chance to get into the top four and 1.5% – to become a choice №1.

The Indiana Pacers are the only other team to have at least a 10% chance of being the best choice (10.5%) and at least a 40% chance of finishing in the top four (42.1%).

The longest shot to win the lottery? It will be the “Cavaliers” with a 0.5% chance to jump from № 14 to № 1. The Cavs are actually responsible for one of the most unlikely lottery winnings of all time when they moved from ninth to first place in 2014, which has just the probability of that happening is 1.7%. But no team with odds less than 1.52% has ever won No. 1.

Apart from the Clippers, the only other lottery team that doesn’t have a choice is Los Angeles Lakers. Thanks to Anthony Davis ’trade, New Orleans will get the Lakers’ choice as long as he remains in the top 10. If he goes beyond the top 10, the Memphis Grizzlies will get it as a result of the Stephen Adams-Jonas Valanchunas trade.

Here is a complete overview of each team’s chances for the best pick in 2022, as well as their chances of getting into the top four:

Houston Rockets: 14% (52.1% in the top four)

Orlando Magic: 14% (52.1% in the top four)

Detroit Pistons: 14% (52.1% in the top four)

Oklahoma City Thunder: 12.5% ​​(48.1% in the top four)

Indiana Pacers: 10.5% (42.1% in the top four)

Portland Trail Blazers: 9% (37.2% in the top four)

Sacramento Kings: 7.5% (32% for the top four)

New Orleans Pelicans (via LA Lakers, travels to Memphis when between 11-30): 6% (26.3% in the top four)

San Antonio Spears: 4.5% (20.3% in the top four)

Washington Wizards: 3% (13.9% for the top four)

New York Knicks: 2% (9.4% for the top four)

Oklahoma City Thunder (via LA Clippers): 1.5% (7.1% for the top four)

Charlotte Hornets: 1% (4.8% for the top four)

Cleveland Cavaliers: 0.5% (2.4% for the top four)

Who will be selected number 1 in the 2022 NBA Draft?

Unlike last year with Cade Cunningham, in 2022 there is no clear choice № 1. But that doesn’t make him a weak class at the top of the draft.

There are four main contenders for the first overall choice: Auburn Jabari SmithGonzaga Chat HolmgrenPurdue’s Jaden Ivy and Duke Paola Banchera. Who will eventually be selected first of the four can determine which team will win the lottery.

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