When Purple Reigned: The 1985 Prince Concert Finds New Life Entertainment

NEW YORK – The first thing you hear is the familiar voice over the sound of thousands of screaming fans.

“Hello, Syracuse and the world. My name is Prince, and I came to play with you. “

Soon appears Purple, who rises across the stage – in a jumpsuit with an animal print and a white dress with shirts, on his back a guitar – like “Let’s go crazy” begins. “Honey, we’re here today …” he says.

This is the electric start of an energetic concert in upstate New York that took place more than three decades ago, reworked and reissued on video and audio, capturing Prince & The Revolution at its peak.

“It was as amazing as I can remember,” says Lisa Coleman, a Revolution member who was there that night, singing and playing the keys. Drummer Bobby Zee adds, “The next generation needs to see this because it’s all about that.”

The March 30, 1985 concert at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York, included the songs “Delirious,” “1999,” “Little Red Corvette,” “Take Me Home,” “Let’s Pretend We’re Married,” “Computer Blue.” “,” If the pigeons cry “and” I would die 4 U “, among others.

It culminates in a sensual, knocked out “Purple Rain,” in which Prince in a sparkling cloak performs a solo that lasts several minutes and showcases an extremely talented guitarist.

“You can say he knows what he’s doing there – he’s illuminating the world. He always played as if there was no tomorrow. But it’s especially exciting, “says Bobby Z.

“The Prince and the Revolution: Live” will be released on June 3 in a variety of formats, including digital streaming platforms, a vinyl version with three LPs, versions with two CDs and Blu-ray with a concert film.

There’s also a limited box set containing three color records, two CDs, Blu-ray videos, a 44-page book with never-before-seen Purple Rain Tour photos and new notes written by all five participants. Revolution.

“I was so proud of him and the band we put together, and everyone at the time, and that he’s alive and that this great project is coming out – it’s something special,” said Bobby Z, a friend of the prince since they met in 1976. year. “This band prepares like a freight train.”

Prince fans have another reason to rejoice this summer: “Prince: an exciting experience” debuts worldwide on June 9 in Chicago. It offers visitors the opportunity to explore his wardrobe, musical influences and hits.

The concert in Syracuse took place at the end of a tour with more than 100 dates, and Prince and the band have so far become a dense and smooth car, supporting the insane success of the film “Purple Rain”.

“I feel like it was a gem among the really beautiful necklaces,” says Wendy Melvoon, guitarist and singer at Revolution. “The only difference is that it was broadcast all over the world. And we were under a little more pressure to improve our game. “

During the performance, the Prince changes his costumes a bit, jumps on the scaffolding of the set, undresses only in pants and necklaces, impressively writhes in the bath and drives the crowd crazy with such remarks as: “Do you want me?”

The concert was an early pay-per-view event and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Long Video. The concert was later outlined on VHS, but the audio and video quality was poor.

“I am very excited that the next generation of Prince fans will see what it is. You know, he wasn’t some kind of average guy. It was a seriously talented, incredible dancer, singer, band leader, showman, composer, musician. It was one person in a billion, “says Bobby Z.

Melvoin says avid fans of Prince may have already seen the fake versions, but hopes the new album and film can inspire other artists.

“I think the people I’d like to see are people who want to learn to put on a really great show,” she says. “It’s a must see for other artists.”

Melvoon and Coleman say they recently reviewed a two-hour concert and found themselves saying “Wow!” periodically.

“We sat next to each other and watched the version on the big screen, and we both forgot some of its parts, and it was really something to see,” Melvoin says. “I think one of the things I told Lisa was, ‘Jesus, we were very good!’


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