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Photo: courtesy of Oakmont Bakery

A tray for cookies from Oakmont Bakery

Spring is just around the corner (considering that four weeks around the corner – thank you, Panxatoni Phil), and with warm weather and blooming flowers comes the wedding season. A long-standing local wedding tradition at your wedding is a cookie table – a table (or two) set with different types of cookies, chocolate and other sweets open to guests. If you’re in Pittsburgh bakeries, there’s all the goodies you need for your cookie table.

Oakmont Bakery

1 Sweet St., Oakmont.
No one in the Pittsburgh region is surprised: Oakmont Bakery is a place for many people in the city. Oakmont has a special section on its website for cookie tables that offers two assortments of cookie trays, cookie boxes in increments of a dozen and more.

Prantle Bakery

Several places.
Prantl’s, which has several locations across the city, offers food for its wares. Whether you’re looking for a mini pastry tray, a cookie tray with fingerprints, a tray with a lady’s lock or some other sweet menu items, Prantl’s will help you.

Nancy B Bakery

415 V. Seventh Ave., Manor.
Nancy B’s at Homestead has a whole menu section dedicated to their gourmet cookies. In addition to traditional cookies, they include other basic cookie products such as sneakers, lady locks covered in Oreos chocolate and more. There’s even a “wedding list” with orders for party-sized cookies, perfect for the season.

Grandview Bakery & Sweet Shop

225 Shiloh St., Mount Washington.
The Grandview Bakery & Sweet Shop has a great cookie menu organized by sections such as traditional sugar, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter and more. Some outstanding are pumpkin sneakers, peanut butter flowers, salty caramel cookies with chocolate crumbs and cookies with chocolate toffee crumbs. The options seem endless and here you will find something for everyone.

Good L’oven cookie shop

322 Sewickley Oakmont Road, Sewickley and 417 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue.
Good L’oven has standard favorites such as chocolate chips, salty sea turtles, snicker doodles, M&M sugar, sugar sparks, peanut butter, oatmeal with raisins and chocolate brunches. You can also place a special order for some “variable favorites” such as creme brulee, strawberry pretzel salad, Twix and more.

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