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Eagles’ legal claims to the 2022 schedule originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

By most accounts, Eagles is pretty easy schedule for 2022.

However, there is one legitimate complaint.

In his Football morning in America column, quoted by Peter King Warren Sharpe as he notes that next season the Eagles are playing four away games in short weeks. It’s not very much.

Sharpe, who has previously worked at Eagles as a consultant, breaks this down here:

Here’s an easier-to-read look at the Eagles road games for a short break:

Week 3 in Commanders: The Eagles play with the Vikings on Monday night in football in week 2 (their home start) and then have to head to Washington for the start on Sunday at 1 p.m. At least it’s not a very long journey.

Week 9 in Texas: After a meeting with the Steelers at home on October 30 in the 8th week after the farewell, the Eagles are leaving for a football match on Thursday night in Houston. At least they relatively rested so soon after the farewell, but it’s also a longer flight for Thursday night’s game.

Week 11 in Colts: The Eagles host Carson Wentz and the Commanders in a football match in the 10th week on Monday night and then at 1pm on Sunday to head to Sunday’s match against Wenz’s former team.

Week 16 in Dallas: A lot of teams are engaged this short week. Since this year Christmas falls on a Sunday, 11 games are held on Saturday. The game “Cowboys Eagles” at 16:25 is one of them.

Sharpe also said no team needed to play more than two away games on a short break in 2021; Last year, the Eagles did not have such games. So it looks like an oversight on the part of NFL schedulers.

Aside from these four road games in the short weeks, the Eagles schedule is pretty simple. Based on the schedule of the 2021 season, the Eagles have the third easiest schedule in the NFL. Their opponents in 2022 had a winning percentage of 0.464 in 2021.

Although using last year’s records to express chart strength is probably not the best way to do it. But even if you use projected amounts of wins, the Eagles are still one of the easiest schedules in the NFL. According to Sharpthey still have the third easiest schedule after only the Commanders and the Bears.

Five of the simplest schedules based on average predicted victories among opponents:

1. Commanders: 7,994

2. Bears: 8,018

3. Eagles: 8,056

4. Colts: 8,153

5. Shihaki: 8,235

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