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The Jets nation is going through the usual course of the offseason, and the optimism of Jets fans has inevitably gone into a frenzy. Gang Green has satisfied its fan base with a successful off-season, on paper, fulfilling its commitment to surround Zach Wilson with more talent.

Gang Green is in the third phase of the offseason, and the OTA are starting this week to continue the momentum they have created on the field.

The OTA will be open to the media on Tuesday, but before the OTA there will be a mail bag with answers to questions concerning the Wilson and Jets.

What makes you make sure Zach Wilson takes the next step as a QB? @omarkelly

Shout to the great Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel with this question. I’m not necessarily sure Wilson will take another step. I firmly believe that the infrastructure that surrounds a young quarterback usually makes him or breaks him. The offensive parts of the Jets themselves should necessitate an increase in Wilson’s production. Wilson’s cast is not without talent now with three receivers in Corey Davis, a promising second-year talent in Elijah Moore and the 10th overall number in the wide receiver Gareth Wilson.

The Jets have two dynamic back-ups: Michael Carter, who led the team to the scrimmage yards last season, and Bryce Hall of Iowa, who made 50 touchdowns and nearly 4,000 yards in three seasons. The signing of free agents Tyler Conklin and CJ Uzoma should revive the Jets ’tough stance that has been in a coma for the past decade, when Conclin and Uzoma combined 110 catches, 1,086 yards and eight touchdowns last season. And the offensive line on paper may be the top 12 unit.

Now how many steps will Wilson take? It needs to be determined. And how big a step, will show whether the Jets will be a playoff team or not in 2022.

What are the realistic statistical predictions for Zack this season @rellyyyrell

In Wilson’s first year, he threw nine touchdowns for 2,334 yards with 11 interceptions and executed 55% of his shots. It was a rough debut.

So to expect Wilson to produce Joe Barrow or Lamar Jackson for a second year is neither fair nor realistic. If that happens, great for Gang Green, but the standard shouldn’t hover around being a stellar defender.

So my early statline was 24 touchdowns, 3,600 yards passes, less than 14 interceptions, a completion percentage of 65, giving a pass rating of 90.

Looking at NFL quarterback statistics for 2021, the pass rating would have included it in the top 20, the total amount of touchdown hypothetically puts it in the top 15, and in passing yards, in the top 16. which is a significant improvement over 2021.

These numbers are not the basis for me as they will change after I observe the training camp and OTA. But it is expected to enter the top 20 QB in two years.

Who is making the biggest move, attack or defense this year? @TimecopMeltdown

I think protection because it was an abomination in 2021, so there is much more room for growth. If the defense holds 25 points against the opposition, some fans will stage a parade after grueling defense retrospectives, allowing several times to score 40 points along with 50 burgers who lost fans last year.

This unit received the most influx of talent in the off-season. Joe Douglas added corner DJ Reed, security Jordan Whitehead, defensive end Jacob Martin in the early stages of free agency. Then in the first round drafted Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner from Cincinnati and Jermaine Johnson from Florida. Also Gang Green welcomes Carl Lawson and Lamarcus Joyner, who missed most of the season due to injuries. So these are six to seven newcomers combined with the cornerstone of Quinn Williams, John Franklin-Myers and CJ Mosley.

Additions to the 32nd ranking in the number of yards and points should bring the unit into the top 20.

Do you want Zack to run more? If so, how many yards and how many TDs? @AjDatboi

I don’t want Wilson to run like that. It is not physically designed to be a constant threat to the game, and this can lead to unnecessary punishment and injury. Random reading options are good to fool defenses and throw them off balance. Or if Wilson breaks his pocket and will run for a long time, similar to what he did against the Jaguars, it also works.

The running type kit Wilson is supposed to do is what Patrick Mahomes of Chiefs does. Mohomez is not part of the Chiefs running game (he has run 689 yards in the last two years), but when he shrinks, he is hurting as he has scored his first 47 runs in the last two seasons. Wilson is a threat in a game like Mohames, more effective for the Jets.


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