Wilson Contreras in the first inning of the Grand Slam – his 100th home run in his career – led the Chicago Cubs to a 9-0 victory – Reading Eagles

Wilson Contreras began to feel in the dugout after defeating the Grand Slam tournament in the first inning on Monday night.

The slam was productive in the first inning of eight runs against the Pittsburgh Pirates, all the Chicago Cubs needed in a 9-0 win at Wrigley Field. Left-hander Wade Miley blocked the Pirates lineup, scoring seven zero innings and allowing only one base player for Cubs ’third win in a row.

The fourth Grand Slam tournament in Contreras ’career was bigger than what it meant in the context of the game. It was the 100th home run in Contreras ’career, a stage that sparked emotional thoughts in the dugout of a Venezuelan-born baseball trip.

“I remembered everything I went through as a minor,” Contreras said. “I mean, the road is not easy, but if you do it right, you can get there. Today is one of those days that made me think about my childhood, where I come from. It makes me proud. ”

Contreras jumped on the first step from the right hand of Bryz Wilson, who performed with the Pirates, at the 422-foot Grand Slam tournament. After the game, he got his 100th home run ball from a fan who caught it by exchanging a pair of balls and a bat and taking a few photos with the fan.

Contreras plans to pay tribute to his father William.

“He knows how hard we work to get into the major leagues, and there have been a lot of calls during the Premier League, a lot of disappointments, a lot of obstacles that have come my way,” Contreras said. “But he was a bulwark. He and my mother (Olga) were there all the time, and it’s for them. “

The 100th home run of Contreras was notable on several levels:

  • He became the third Catch catcher to reach the mark, joining Gabi Hartnett (231 Homers) and Jodi Davis (122).
  • According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Contreras – who brought out the first with a double – is the first Cub with a grand helmet and an additional hit in the same ining after the Wildfire Schulte on August 16, 1911.
  • Contreras is one of 10 strikers since 1901 from the Grand Slam in the first inning. George Springer, in 2016 for the Houston Astros, is the only other player to have accomplished a feat in the last 35 years.

“Unbelievable, man,” said catcher Jan Gomez. “He’s probably one of the best players in this game, and you see, when he flares up, it’s not just a couple of major strikes. As if there is no stadium that can hold it. So it’s nice that he’s on our side. “

The cubs sent 13 batters to the plate in the first of three of their eight strikes that go to extra bases. Ian Hepp, Gomez, Andretlen Simmons and Rafael Ortega each recorded an RBI before the Contreras Grand Slam tournament.

Watching Contreras ’special moment reminded manager David Ross of his 100th home run in his career, which he made in 2016 at Wrigley during the last of 15 seasons in the major leagues. Ross laughed, noting that it took him much longer to reach the goal than Contreras, who had just turned 30 in the seventh season.

“He needs to do a lot of interesting things at the beginning of his career, and that’s why he’s such a special player,” Ross said.

Miley didn’t need more offensive support after the first eight. He used his natural fast pace and aggressive approach, which allowed him to recruit outs with efficient serve counting.

Miley scored six straight outs and missed a single shot after making five outs in three innings during his The season debut is Tuesday in San Diego.

“I mean, the guys know what I’m going to do,” Miley said. “I’m going to throw things hard and soft. But I have to be able to manage it. “

Lonely base runner Mile came out on Michael Chavis ’single with two outings in fifth place. Cub fans whistled for Chavis when he reached first base after twice coming out of the penalty area during the battle. The second call disappointed Miley because he was already on delivery when Judge Dan Bellino stopped him to grant Chavis ’request.

The Pirates from second base hit the next serve on the left to finish Miley’s perfect game.

“The second one was a little late,” Miley said. “I’m already on my feet when I hear (Bellino) start screaming. You don’t have to give it time, so I just made it clear to Dan that I understand they often call it time, but you don’t have to give it to him.

“I’m working fast, I’m coming to you, and if you want to get out, get out – I’ll keep doing it, I don’t care.”


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