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The last thing the Chicago Cubs have to fight is catcher Wilson Contreras, who was sidelined due to injury.

Contreras was not part of Monday’s starting series against the Cincinnati Reds, which is still under consideration day in and day out as he suffers from a strained right hamstring. However, manager David Ross was confident that Contreras would not be on the injured list in 10 days.

“We’ll give him a couple of days to rest, but, yeah, he’s good,” Ross said. “Status quo.”

That would be the best result after Contreras came out of Saturday’s game against Arizona Diamondbacks in the third inning after feeling something in his hamstring when he stole second base. Teams can date a player to IL for up to three days, making Tuesday important for Contreras ’progress if he will really avoid IL.

While the cubs want Contreras, their hottest striker, in stock, no reason to rush it back. Knee tendon problems have plagued Contreras in the past, landing him in Illinois in 2017 and 2019. This type of injury can be especially troublesome for a catcher with the flexibility and movement required behind the plate.

The cubs can lighten Contreras back into the lineup as a designated striker, a place they used to manage his defensive load. It won’t help either side if Contreras comes back too quickly and potentially exacerbates the disease.

Even with the uncertainty as to when Contreras will return to the lineup, the Cubs are approaching a healthy list. Infiltrators Nick Herner and Nick Madrigal, outfielder Clint Fraser and left-hander Sean Newcomb are eligible to withdraw from the 10-day IL if they are ready. Herner (right ankle dislocation) underwent batting practice on Monday at Great American Ball Park and is expected to play with countrymen on Tuesday.

“He’s progressing well every day,” Ross said. “Hopefully in a few days. Let’s see. He is near. “

Madrigal (pulling the lower back) worked in agility in the foyer in the field. Ross said Madrigalo had a very good day on Sunday and the team will continue to watch him. Ross has shown that Madrigal can undergo rehabilitation.

Ross had no update on the return of Fraser (appendectomy), who played five games in rehab at Triple-A Iowa. Newcomb (left ankle dislocation) will begin rehabilitation in Iowa on Tuesday.

The moment PJ Higgins will light up the caps for 2 weeks of uncertainty

Living in a big league taxi can create unexpected free time for the player in a suspended state.

PJ Higgins joined the Cubs Taxi Team on May 9 in San Diego and spent the next eight days with the team. That meant no gaming action until he joined Triple-A Iowa on May 17 in Des Moines, appearing in four games before the Cubs challenged him on Sunday.

Higgins struck instantly a triple triple in his first at-bit.

“It feels like I’m packing my suitcase all the time, walking back and forth, back and forth,” Higgins told the Tribune. “But honestly, I didn’t think too much about it. Being in a taxi squad and not getting into bats was a shame, but you have to do what you have to. … I don’t know if there’s any real trick to doing it. Just go with the flow. “

Higgins tried to maintain his typical routine of hitting while working in a taxi. He continued his work in the cage and went out into the field when he had the opportunity. He also fished bullpen sessions and worked with fishing coach Craig Driver to keep fit.

Higgins ’training for the eight days of his absence from Triple A worked: he went 7-on-11 with three doubles and seven RBIs in four games with Iowa before getting a raise.

“I just tried to prepare the way I did before, when I wasn’t playing, and just mentally put myself into action,” Higgins said. “But, to be honest, the first couple of games I got tired of, especially catching. My legs were a little tired, so it was a small device. ”

Returning to major tournaments is particularly satisfying for Higgins, whose first major league call ended after nine games last June due to surgery at the end of the season to restore the right forearm flexor tendon. He started quitting the program in November and was completely cleared about two weeks before spring training.

“This experience really helps calm your nerves because you’ve been to Wrigley, you’ve been to major league stadiums, you’ve been in the locker room, you know the travel schedule,” Higgins said. “So a little experience does a lot more than you think, even if it’s been a short period of time.”

With the exception of Elijah’s movement, Higgins may not see much playing time, but he gives the Cubs insurance for catcher Jan Gomez while Contreras is unavailable. After Higgins worked in the offseason to return from surgery, the 12th round selection of 2015 is grateful for every opportunity.

“It means a lot that they trust me to raise me and replace Wilson while he’s gone,” Higgins said. “It shows that all these years they’ve been paying attention.”

Wade Miley used to come home

Currently, left-hander Wade Miley is no stranger to returning to the football field he used to call home.

The Cubs are Miley’s eighth team in 12 seasons in the major leagues. This week’s four-game series at Great American Ball Park is his first trip to Cincinnati since the Cubs abandoned him to the Reds in November.

Miley went to the gym before the game on Monday to say goodbye to former teammates and staff. He hugged infiltrator Mike Mustakas, a teammate in both Miley seasons in Cincinnati (2020-2021), on top of the steps for visitors during the Reds ’training session.

“We got really close there, spent so much time together,” Miley told the Tribune. “The whole thing with COVID, like, we were together in hotels – you could go out to play golf, that’s all – so you spent a lot of time with these guys and we got really close, learned a lot about each other. It was really cool. “

Miley will not meet his old team this week after starting against Diamondbacks on Sunday at Wrigley Field. But it is planned that Cubs and Reds will play another 15 times after this series, which gives Miley a good chance that at some point this season will play with his former teammates.

And when that time comes, who will have the advantage between the Miley and Reds strikers?

The only match Miley watches is when he encounters the Reds’ catcher who caught him.

“He literally knows what I’m going to do, but it’s more fun,” Mile said. “Like if it’s Kyle Farmer, he’ll give you the best bit of the night because we’re so close. He doesn’t want to get text after it. I also don’t want to get text. So we’re going to follow each other pretty hard. “


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