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Today is the birthday of the sports celebrity Lancaster – April 4

Tom Ger

A graduate of Hampfield in 1974, where he was the star of three sports, Ger played 13 seasons in major competitions. He was part of the three St. Louis Cardinals teams that competed in the World Series, including the 1982 championship.

The best season for the second person from the bottom was 1985. He scored 0.302 out of 110 RBI, finished fifth in the National League MVP vote that year and helped the Cardinals get into the World Series, where they lost to the Kansas City Royals in seven games.

Having played 159 games with the highest career that season, he scored 49 additional hits (38 doubles, three triples and eight home runs), led the NL with 13 sacrificial moves, had 0.379 percent of base, 0.416 percent of punches, stole 31 base, 80 times went and only 55 times knocked out in that campaign of the 85th.

And that year he was also selected for the All-Star Game.

Tom Gera’s statistics through

Ger was inducted into the Cardinals Hall of Fame in 2020 and due to COVID-19 was inducted in 2021. Here is his introductory speech.

In addition to the Cardinals, with whom he has been for all or part of 10 seasons, Ger also played for Minnesota, Philadelphia, the New York Mets and San Francisco.

In his career, he has scored 0.271 s, 1450 hits, 254 doubles, 41 triples, 28 homers, 574 RBIs, 53 sack-flies, 188 stolen bases, 627 walks and 584 strike-outs in 1,514 major league games.

Ozzy Smith’s partner in a double game with the Cardinals over many seasons, Herr had a career of 0.989 per cent nomination.

Here’s a ger talking about the Cardinals ’1980s team.

After playing days, it took Herr several years to train and enjoy his sons ’sports teams (Aaron and Jordan).

He returned to the game as the first manager of the Lancaster Barnstormers when they opened the game in the Atlantic League, and released the Stormers in their first championship in 2006, which was only the second season.

After ruling in the Washington Nashnes lower league system, Ger later returned to the Barnstormers.

Here’s Hera’s press conference when he returned to run the Stormers again.

Now retired, Herr enjoys spending time with his family, especially with his grandchildren.

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