Wright helps a crusader in a cloak in the latest Batman movie Entertainment

Batman is one of the largest DC Multiverse franchises. The Crusader sketch still evokes mystery and emotion, especially with the new man dressed in the famous mask, suit and cape, Robert Pattison. The man who helps him fight Gotham’s underworld is none other than Lieutenant James Gordon, this time discovered by Jeffrey Wright. Wright, one of the most versatile actors of his generation, spoke about how he takes on a cult role and why this Batman is more prone to comics than in previous versions.

Wright shared how this version of Gordon is so different from the previous ones: “He clung to the wall.”

The actor said he was drawn to the role because of the unique way of writing his character.

“I think they are a dynamic duo in this film that has been exciting. As for me, when I read the script, I realized that this Gordon would engage in a way we hadn’t seen in a long time. This has to do with Matt Reeves ’vision. He made some choices, such as making Gordon a lieutenant, this activates the character in a way that serves the interests of the film. Yes, the film is full of action, but at the same time psychological and emotional, ”Wright said.

He added that “the detective side of the case is at the center and in the center. Matt wanted to go back to comics and this idea of ​​Batman as the greatest detective. As a police officer on the street, Gordon allows such a partnership. “

One of the highlights of the film is that it has elements of the film “Seven”, where the Chief makes the duo jump through the hoops, solving these complex puzzles.

“It was a lot of fun, and I was constantly reminded that Gordon is a good man who tries to do everything he can, but overwhelms him at every turn. This relationship with Batman is a necessary relationship with Gordon in this Gotham in which we live, and it is clearly once a great city that went wrong.

An intriguing feature of Gordon and Batman’s collaboration is Gordon’s gratitude for Batman’s need to preserve his identity.

“Gordon respects Batman and he appreciates what made that choice. He doesn’t necessarily know why. It’s a choice Batman made. This is half man, half animal wandering the streets, but he respects it. Also, these are desperate times and this is another element that Batman can trust. But, of course, he is interested. “

Wright is very fond of his colleague Robert Pattison. He believes that it was his performance of the Crusader in a cloak that does not allow Gordon to establish a connection between Batman and Bruce Wayne.

“There’s so much in his eyes of performance,” he said.

Wright said the wardrobe was a deliberate element of a character reminiscent of another legendary investigator named Colombo.

“We talked about it a lot, and we agreed that he really doesn’t have time to change clothes, to think what kind of tie he has. Again, this just suggests that Gordon is constantly standing against the wall. So his attention was focused on other things. Cloak – a wrapper for the crowded. I liked that it had that detective feel of the old school. ”

“Batman” is a complex film with many nuances. Jeffrey Wright’s performance as Lieutenant Gordon is critical to the success of the story. One of the best aspects of this film is its portrayal of a man in partnership with a complex dressed as a bat trying to get through a city steeped in corruption. In Gordon we see a man who knows who he is, even if the odds are against him.

Batman is now in theaters and airing on HBO Max


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