Yes, there is the art of the perfectly cooked egg Food

They were hard to clean and they looked spicy and homey.

Then this summer I visited my girlfriend Kirsten. There were a dozen perfectly cleaned eggs in her fridge. I thought, maybe she succumbed to buying in the mass market of boiled and peeled eggs. But no.

Her secret – which I am now revealing – is that you break the egg from the bottom (this is the bigger side of the egg and the top is more pointed). I always smashed hard-boiled eggs.

When I got home, I boiled a dozen eggs to make an egg salad, tried to break the eggs at the bottom, and it changed the game. Eggs were much easier to clean, but it still took too long to clean them. So the next time I cooked boiled eggs, I became unworthy and didn’t chill the eggs first.

I realized that cooling eggs was the only common denominator with my hard-to-clean eggs.

I was taught to drain the hot water in which the eggs were boiled, and immediately fill them with cold water so that they do not turn gray around the yolk. That may be true, but I’ve found that it also makes the shell stick to the eggs.

I decided to see what would happen if I cleaned the eggs while they were still hot. I put on my kitchen gloves and started peeling. I split the bottom of the egg as Kirsten ordered me, and the eggshell literally slipped. I cleaned a dozen eggs in less than five minutes. A few eggs had a gray tinge of yolk, but once I sliced ​​them and mixed into the egg salad, you couldn’t see it.

So here’s my simple method for “eggs that are easy to clean”:

Fill a large 4-liter saucepan with cold water. Gently place the eggs in the pan. Bring the water to a boil and cover the pan. Turn off the heat and leave the eggs in hot water for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Remove the pan from the plate with the eggs inside and place in the sink. Remove the eggs one by one to peel them, leaving the rest in the water in which they were boiled.

Break the bottom of each egg and remove the eggshell. Rinse them in hot water to remove small pieces of shell.

You will be amazed at how fast and reliable this method is. And you may be shocked to realize how much you are starting to add boiled eggs to your food repertoire. This summer I rediscovered egg salad. I make it with shallots, fresh dill, mine and a fraction of strong Dijon mustard. It’s great to have a full, keto-lunch lunch or even breakfast on hand.

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