Philadelphia’s sporting passion permeates every aspect of the city, regardless of the season.

A Guide to Philadelphia for the Baseball Season

During the baseball season – which begins in spring and lasts in summer and fall – it’s a sea of ​​red, white and blue outside Citizens’ Park Bank y Southern Philadelphia. It turns out fans of all ages are rooting for the home team, Philadelphia Phyllis, which features such great players as right-back Bryce Harper, pitcher Aaron Nola, first baseman Rhys Hoskins and others.

In 2026, the city will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence – so it is appropriate 2026 MLB All-Star Game will be held in the city where it took place, Philadelphia. This will be the first All-Star Game to be held at Citizens Bank Park.

Philadelphia Phyllis Right Fielder Bryce Harper Copyright Philadelphia Phyllis.

If thousands of fans are coming down to the cool retro crimson square on Pattison Avenue this season, consider it your guide, what to see and what to do while enjoying the ball game.

Copyright for the 2019 Philadelphia Phillies Opening Day.

With 162 games in the season there will definitely be a game that falls on a date and time suitable for your busy schedule. At Citizens Bank Park, you can get tickets at an affordable price – some fans call it “Bank” and others call it “CBP”. You can get decent seats on the Terrace deck for just $ 20. Another available ticket option is look at April pass to the football parkwhich gives you access to 12 games in April (excluding Opening Day) for just $ 60. To get an eagle look at Harper, go to the deck of the pavilion (Chapter 103 or 303). Phillies also offers a Power Ticket that includes $ 12 benefits for just $ 10. Also check out the schedule of promotional gifts and themed evenings. Dollar Dog Nights is selling out fast – and hot dogs are threatening to topple the cheesecake in recent years.

Professional advice: Wait an hour before the first submission and get tickets resold at StubHub for $ 10 or less.

Back door before, during or after the game

Photo by G. Junie for PHLCVB.

Compared to what happens in Linc on NFL Sundays, walks at Phillies games are pretty convenient. You’ll see couples who leisurely play laderball, puck and buggy, not middle-aged men drinking beer in converted school buses and relaxing in children’s pools. However, this is still a scene to be seen. The noisiest parties are held at the Jetro Lot, named after the Jetro food service warehouse, and as we recall: it’s not always for the family. One local brewery, Double Nickel, immortalized the lot with its Jetro IPA.

Professional advice: Count the number of “EAGLES OF EAGLES!” the songs you hear. The number will increase or decrease depending on the total number of Phyllis wins.

Eat and drink

Copyright Ashburn Alley Philadelphia Phillies.

Whether you get a ticket to the game or not, heading to a local bar can be just as good as sitting in the stands in a park with a ball. Check out our guide what and where to eat on the site.

See Philly the Fanatic, the most famous mascot in the sport

Copyright Phillie Phanatic Philadelphia Phillies.

Entered the Hall of Fame in 2005 Philly the Fanatic is the most famous mascot in all sports. Seriously, that’s a fact. But what is it? The fluffy green bird-like creature is native to the Galapagos Islands and is the biggest fan of Phyllis, according to biography. Fanatics can be seen at all home games, usually riding on their little red scooter, chasing rival players, referees and even fans. But how can it be seen or met? Well, it’s a little harder to predict. It is best to sit next to the dugout, because that is where he holds the court, spinning, dancing and pushing with his outstretched tongue.

Professional advice: Buy tickets to the Phillies game around April 25 – this is Phanatic’s birthday weekend and always fun at the Bank. Better yet, $ 600 for the appearance of a favorite mascot can appear at your meeting or event.

Take the children to the yard

Yard and Ashburn Alley in Citizens Bank Park copyright Philadelphia Phillies.

For family fun head to Yard, an interactive children’s baseball experience at Citizens Bank Park. The 13,000-square-foot space is located on the right field in Ashburn Alley and offers many activities for young baseball fans. Novice professional baseball players will feel like they’re a real deal on Citizens Bank Phan Field, an indoor AstroTurf dugout ball field and a wall lined MLB-quality field designed to resemble a miniature version of a true baseball diamond. . Kids can embrace their inner Fanaticism and practice running hot dogs like the mascot on Dog Dog Nights does with the Hatfield Franks Hot Dog Launcher. Kids can also test their upper body strength by climbing a 30-foot Phanatic climbing wall and see how fast they can rush into the bullpen. Of course, no play area is complete without ice cream. Grab a sweet treat for the little ones after they whet your appetite by running around The Yard. Don’t worry, parents, there is something for adults in the “Yard”. The Backyard Bar proudly serves beer, cocktails and frozen drinks, perfect for a drink while watching the children play.

NOTE: The yard opens when the court opens and closes in the 7th inning.

See the epic frescoes of Phyllis

Photo by S. Weinik for painting.

Philadelphia has long been proclaimed as Murals the capital of the world, as evidenced by the more than 4,000 commissioned drawings and approved graffiti depicting roofs, abandoned buildings, random walls and street corners. On the corner of 24th Street and Walnut Street in Center City stands a stunning tribute to the ghosts of baseball’s past. The 3,750-square-foot fresco, painted by artist David McShane in 2015, towers over eight floors and can be seen daily by passengers traveling on the Schuilkill Expressway. The nostalgic mural is decorated with legends Phyllis Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Ryan Howard, Richie Ashburn, Harry Callas and Chase Utley and others. However, it’s dramatically more than life, images of loved ones Togo McGraw and Brad Lidge stealing shows and causing tears in indomitable people are forever staged when they celebrate just two World Series franchise championships (1980 and 2008).

Professional advice: Ask a local where they were on October 31, 2008, when Chase Utley delivered a speech during a parade following Phyllis ’victory in the World Series. Just believe us in this.

Bet, bet, bet on the home team

Copyright Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia Phillies.

Pennsylvania has finally legalized sports gambling in 2018, which means that hometown believers can literally put their money where their mouth is. For those who feel happy, head to the Rivers Casino in nearby Fishtown. There are other gambling options outside the city, including: Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino and Chester Racecourse, Parx Casino and Valley Forge Casino.

Professional advice: Contact an ATM before you get to the casino so as not to charge a service fee of $ 6-10.

For truly loyal fans

Pay your respects at Laurel Hill Cemetery

In Philly’s sports representations there are few names that evoke stronger emotions than Harry Callas. The legendary announcer served as the voice of Phyllis for 38 years before his untimely death in 2009 – which by the way, perhaps heroically, Callas collapsed and died in a cab before a road game in Washington, DC Today, for many long years having made a short hike along Kelly Drive and visiting his tomb located in the historic Laurel Hill Cemetery. The tomb of Kalas is marked by an impressive stone microphone, next to which stand the old seats at Veterans Stadium, which asks guests to turn on the radio and linger with Harry K for a few innings.

Professional advice: Spend an entire day at Laurel Hill and look for famous funerals such as General George Mead, David Rittenhouse, Frances Furness and the fictional Adriana Balboa – wife of Rocky Balboa from the classic film Years.

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