YouTube is now highlighting the most played parts of the video so users can skip the boring parts: the report

San Francisco: A platform for streaming music owned by Google, YouTube will now highlight the “most played” parts of the video in its web player and mobile apps so users can skip the boring parts. The feature was previously available as an experiment for YouTube Premium subscribers, but will be launched for all users, according to The Verge. YouTube Music for Wear OS now allows users to stream content over Wi-Fi and LTE.

With the new feature, users will be able to identify the most popular parts of the video from the graph that appears behind its progress bar.

“If the schedule is high, then this part of the video is often played. You can use the schedule to quickly find and view these moments,” – the company quotes the site.

The company has announced this feature as part of an update package that essentially works to connect longer videos into more manageable and affordable pieces. These include a new way of throwing parts of a video that was launched last year but wasn’t officially announced, and a future test for Premium subscribers that will allow users to “look for the exact moment in the video you want to watch.”

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