YouTuber Mr. Beast Shows Shopper Chopper, a giant shopping cart built for Musser’s Markets markets | Entertainment

The 10-foot-tall motorized trolley, known as the Shopper Chopper, which debuted many years ago at the Solanco parade as an advertisement for Musser’s Markets markets, appeared in the video for Mr. Beast this month.

Your reaction to this news will probably largely depend on your age.

“Honestly, I was at my father-in-law’s last night and he said something about Mr. Beast, and I had no idea who he was talking about,” said Brent Musser, who built a cart with his wife’s father, Calvin Van Sant.

However, Musser’s 10- and 12-year-old children?

“They knew right away,” Musser says.

Mr. Beast is a YouTube character of Jimmy Donaldson, a kind of godfather in the landscape of 20-year-old gamers who have amassed personal wealth by posting videos on YouTube in which they play things like Minecraft and do brave things with friends.

Donaldson, now valued at $ 30 million, began publishing the video at age 13 and went viral in 2017 with a video in which he counted up to 100,000 for 44 hours. It was watched by more than 21 million people. Since then, Donaldson has earned a reputation for giving a lot of money, especially to the Arbor Day Foundation. Its main channel has 94 million subscribers. He has side channels, including one of about 17.4 million subscribers, on which he and his friends respond to videos that other people have posted online. That’s where Shopper Chopper comes in.

“It’s an Oreo that’s 100 times bigger than normal, and this rubber duck is the size of a skyscraper,” Donaldson says in the introduction to the 10-minute video. “We will respond to normal things that have become much bigger.”

He and his longtime friend and fellow commentator Chris Tyson get to the cart about 5 minutes and 40 seconds after a huge Dorita, a giant flashlight, a huge hamburger, colossal chicken nuggets (or “naggies” like the crowd of YouTube players so eager) call them), a huge violin and, of course, a huge toilet.

Some comments on the latter go exactly as one would expect in such places. But things are also moving philosophically.

“Brother, honestly, maybe the world would be a better place without YouTube,” Donaldson says when the man in the video they watch falls into a brown liquid in a giant bowl.

If Shopper Chopper gets his turn earlier than Mr. Beast, Van Saint is behind the wheel. He now lives in New Providence, but for two years built a cart with Muser in the garage behind Van Sent’s former home in Kirkwood.

The Shopper Chopper appeared on “Good Morning America” in the segment for renowned chef Guy Fieri and in the episode “Jay Leno’s Garage”. Closer to home he appears in places like Shady Maple, where he was available for selfies a few weeks earlier this year.

The clip of Mr. Beast shows Van Sant plying the streets of Chicago. He says the footage was taken by another online person known as the Weird Wizard. The wizard lasted several months, and Shopper Chopper received an order at a parade in Illinois.

“Same thing. He is a content creator, and he needed to do something to create a profile, ”says Van Sant. “It simply came to our notice then. He’s from Chicago. I said, “I’ll be near Chicago. So why don’t I just come and we’ll spend the day filming. ” ”

A YouTube channel called iWonder has gotten some attention with these footage still circulating online, he says.

“But, of course, he doesn’t have the audience that Mr. Beast has,” he added.

Van Sant usually doesn’t know when he will appear on TikTok or Instagram.

“It doesn’t have customers. It’s nice that they pay attention to me, ”he says. “But it’s not my business model … just getting clicks.”

The basket was used in stocks by companies like BJ’s Wholesale. And although Musser’s Markets are no more – they were bought by Giant – the men do not rule out a return to the Solanco Fair parade. They say the stroller could be a good advertisement for another Musser family business, Southern End Outdoors.

“Our business (for Shopper Chopper) dried up during COVID,” says Van Sant. “We are attracting attention. We draw the crowd. And it was the opposite of what you wanted during COVID. ”

The action for ABC took place at the right time. The Shopper Chopper has stopped in stores in eight cities as a promotional film “Super Market Sweep” starring Leslie Jones.

“It was great because it was a huge project in the midst of COVID that supported some cash flow,” he says.

Another engagement was with the Canadian chain of discount products, which has bright yellow-black colors. Muser and Van Sant agreed to paint the cart with temporary yellow paint and handed it over to this chain for about five weeks. Van Sant says he will not do it again.

“Brent or I usually accompany the cart wherever it goes. We take care of him. We take care of that. We know how it goes in and out of the trailer, ”he says. “The amazing number of things broke down just because they didn’t know any better while driving this car across Canada.”

In Mr. Beast’s video, not everything is clear about the cart. For example, Donaldson says Shopper Chopper holds the Guinness Book of Records.

Not so, says Van Sant. One day he approached Guinness.

“But the only thing they would do is if you were the fastest grocery cart,” he says. “And someone was already driving 60 miles an hour in a standard wheelchair.”

He is not interested in trying to achieve this.

“Fun fact, Jimmy,” Tyson told his friend Donaldson in the video. “It came to the state fair when I was 12 and I had to ride it.”

This is another mistake. It was another cart, Van Sant says. There are other large carts around, including the one that runs the NASCAR track, Musser says.

“Our claim to fame is that we are the only ones who are legitimate on the streets,” Musser said.

But to Tyson it seemed like no difference.

“I swear I think it’s the same guy because you know anyone who does it, it becomes their whole face,” Tyson says.

“Existence,” says Donaldson.

“Exactly. He goes everywhere, ”Tyson adds.

“All I have to say is: if your big basket makes you happy, fine,” Tyson says. “Live this life, bro.”

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