Zuber Realty delivers a donation bus for Berks veterans in need

Zuber Realty delivered a busload of donations to veterans in need thanks to a month-long food drive.

During June, Richard A. Zuber Realty called on the community to fill a Zuber bus with nonperishable food and toiletries for Veterans Making a Difference, a Berks County nonprofit that helps veterans in need, Zuber Realty said in a news release.

“The Zuber bus was packed,” real estate agent Betsy Bellantani said in a release. “It was really, really full! People came with whole sacks of canned food.”

Zuber Realty delivered a busload of donations to veterans in need thanks to a month-long food drive. Liz and Doug Grebill (left), founders of Veterans Making A Difference in Reading, greet Zuber agents and, far right, Richard A. Zuber, owner of Richard A. Zuber Realty. (Photo submitted)

Items were collected at Zuber Realty’s Boyertown and Royersford offices and Boyertown Redner’s Market throughout the month, as well as a special collection day held at the Boyertown office on June 11 and at Boyertown’s Redner’s Market on June 18. Cash, check or gift card donations are also accepted and encouraged.

While the Zuber bus was parked at Redner’s, not all donations came from Redner’s customers.

“Random people were stopping by the bus to make donations,” Bellantani said. “Unfortunately, we were not initially aware of the donations from third-party buyers – one gentleman in particular – otherwise we would have thanked him more sincerely. So whoever you are, consider yourself our hero of the day!”

Jocarol Zuber of Zuber Insurance said the agency was also inspired by a $500 gift card donation to Veterans Making A Difference from the Ladies Auxiliary of Liberty Fire Company, New Berlinville.

Zuber Realty agent Vanessa Deski, who coordinated the project and is a member of Zuber Realty’s Community Outreach Committee, said the agency raised 19% more this year than last year.

“It’s great to be aware of the generosity and care our community shows to our veterans,” Deski said.

She credits increased community involvement to the Boyertown State Theater’s donation of free screen advertising for the collection, encouraging people to donate to food drives throughout June, as well as on social media.

“The help that people have given by sharing information about the food drive has been appreciated and has made the drive even more successful,” Deski said. “Social media has been a valuable tool in garnering support for our efforts.”

Giving back to veterans is an honor and a privilege for the Desk.

“Generations of my family have served our country,” Desky explained. “My family’s service includes my grandfather and father-in-law’s service in World War II, my father’s service in the Army between the wars, my uncle’s tour in Vietnam, my cousins’ service in Iraq, and many other former relatives dating back to the Civil War. .”

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