Instagram is an essential part of many brands’ social media presence for driving profitable traffic to land pages, increasing conversions, and engaging audiences. You can build a loyal audience with Instagram by using it as a highly targetable visual marketing channel for your brand. If you want to increase your Instagram following organically, you may need to sharpen up your strategies if your presence isn’t as robust as you’d like. Engaging with your audience and creating unique experiences becomes easier as your audience grows.

Perhaps it’s time to strengthen your Instagram presence. Your audience will expand, giving you additional chances to engage with them and provide them with experiences they will remember.We willtell you how to develop your Instagram follower profile, boost interaction, andincrease your following over time, one that’s made up entirely of real people, not bots or phony followers in this guide.

So don’t delay, start growing your existence right away with these Instagram follower tips which we have rounded off with the help of Windstream Internet as it is essential to have a strong internet connection to properly use Instagram. With any further ado, dig in to learn how you can increase your Instagram followers.

  1. Brand ambassadors can help you promote content

Paying a celebrity to endorse your company is not necessary. Anyone with a few hundred to several thousand followers qualifies as a brand ambassador. People who support your company and tell their friends about it are called ambassadors.

Customers are more likely to follow you if they can see you and are nearby. Being visible on both your Instagram and other accounts is crucial. Promote user-generated content to get your business more exposure in consumers’ feeds. Additionally, you may run Instagram competitions to market your business.

You can connect with more people. By demonstrating that your fans are interested in your material enough to repost it or produce their own UGC, these efforts establish social proof.

  1. Try out several different contents

Instagram is more than a photo-sharing app. Over the years, Instagram has added a lot of different methods to post content. Adding a variety of material to your Instagram account is a fantastic method to gain more followers. You may interact with more people thanks to it.

Keep in mind that the algorithm aims to offer users the information they are most interested in by taking interest into account. If an Instagram Reel receives more comments and likes than any other type of post, it is more likely to appear in a user’s feed. On the other hand, a user who engages with carousel posts more frequently may see more of this kind of material on their timeline.

  1. Utilize the right hashtags

In order to grow your number of real followers on Instagram, you need to engage your existing audience on a regular basis. Posting new, interesting, and engaging photos will fulfill the first requirement, but it is very important to hashtag your photos in order to begin growing.

The publication of new, mesmerizing, and fascinating images would then fulfill the first condition.Buthashtagging your images is necessary if you want to grow your following. People can find your photographs more easily by searching with a specific word, thanks to hashtagging. It allows people looking for specific terms to easily find your photos.

Using pertinent hashtags will help people locate your work. On Instagram, hashtags may also be followed. This means that people who aren’t already following you can see your content from your hashtag in their feeds and timelines.

  1. In advance, schedule Instagram posts

While the Instagram algorithm has shifted to show users more content they like, posting at the right moments can indeed increase the visibility of your posts by increasing overall engagement.

You can do a lot to raise visibility for your brand, and scheduling Instagram content is one of them. With our new tools, you can easily schedule Stories, Carousels, and Feed posts.

It is more efficient to plan campaigns and schedules in advance when all members of your team have access to it. The perfect way to grasp your target audience is to build out content in advance, and our Instagram scheduling tools will help you achieve that.

  1. Post content that your followers want

You will find out very quickly that some material performs better than others on Instagram, despite the fact that this is easier said than done. This is why testing is so crucial and necessary.

It’s the smallest details that make all the difference, whether it is filters, post times that make a difference,captions, or content types. Stay on top of Instagram trends to make sure you are posting content that is in demand.

You should not directly copy your competitors, but you should take note of what they are doing or posting that engages your audience. Analyze differentcaptions, filters, and more to see what works best with your audience. A little competitive analysis can help a lot.


You can use your existing followers to determine how you can get more Instagram followers. Instagram Insights allows you to monitor multiple Instagram metrics right from the app. Moreover, focus on the above-mentioned tips to get followers. We are sure you won’t get disappointed.