Risk! found its final Tournament of Champions contestant, as non-binary player Rowan Ward was crowned Jeopardy! Second Week 2 winner after Week 1’s Jessica Stevens.

Having earned a spot in the coveted tournament, Ward is a chart-topping writer and editor from Chicago, Illinois, and they’ll soon be up against several other powerhouses Risk! competitors in the long-awaited Tournament of Champions, which starts on Monday, October 31. Ward earned a spot in the Second Chance rankings after they played nobly against Matt Amodio and almost beat the winner of several games.

They may now have a chance to reunite with Amadio, but only time will tell, as Ward will first have to compete against Courtney Shah and Jon Focht in the episode that airs on Thursday, November 3, as teased in newly discovered TOC matches. Ward beat out his fellow Second Chance finalists in Week 2 for the coveted spot after playing against law student Jack Weller and translator Sadie Goldberger.

In order to potentially face Amadio again, Ward would have to advance to the semifinals of the Tournament of Champions. Even then, they may not face Amodio as they could potentially play against other super champions. Amy Schneider and Mateo Roach. While Amodio won an impressive 38 games during his Risk! streak, Schneider raised the bar even further by winning 40 games.

Roach is just behind them with 23 memorable successes, but if Ward is on top, they could have a chance to beat any of these great players. What did you think of Ward’s thrilling second-chance win? Let us know in the comments below and don’t miss the Tournament of Champions starting next week.

Danger!, The Tournament of Champions begins on Monday, October 31. Check your local listings

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