The TrackTech Updated Engine Oil Stand Pipe Plus dummy plug kit offers a variety of advantages to help you protect your engine. It features Viton(tm) Fluoroelastomers that provide exceptional resistance and peak performance. It also features an updated design for added durability.

You can purchase the TrackTech Updated Engine Oil Stand Pipe Plus dummy plug kit through ProSource Diesel. The company will offer this pipe at a good discount.

Viton(tm) Fluoroelastomers provide peak performance and resistance

Viton(tm) Fluoro-elastomers are a class of materials with outstanding heat and chemical resistance. They are manufactured by The Chemours Company, a global chemistry manufacturer specializing in advanced performance materials and chemical solutions. Their performance in various applications includes enhanced processing, improved durability, and reduced waste.

The high bond strength of viton(tm) fluoroelastomers allows them to have superior chemical and thermal resistance. This quality is necessary in oil and gas applications, where downtime and equipment failure can result in significant losses of $38 to 88 million annually. This material helps to protect against these costly failures and preserve overall operational efficiencies. Moreover, it provides exceptional resistance to fluids, including oil, gasoline, and silicone oil.

The high resistance and peak performance of Viton(tm) Fluoro-elastomers make the TrackTech Updated Engine Oil Stand Pipe Plus dummy plug kit the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. The dummy plugs are easy to install and remove. They feature a convenient magnetic closure and an integral strain gauge.

The resistivity and electrical resistance of a material are measured using the method of contact electrode surface probe. The resistivity measurement is usually done by using two electrodes separated by a distance d and radius r. The electrodes’ separation and the resistance itself are not related, so the largest voltage drop occurs near the electrode tip. This technique is often referred to as the two-probe/electrode method. A high current density around the tip of the probe can cause the polymer sample to overheat.

Exceptional durability

The TrackTech Updated Engine Oil Stand Pipe PlusDummy Plug Kit is made of high-grade material for exceptional durability. It contains two high-pressure oil stand pipes, dummy plugs for oil rails, and a CCV tube o-ring. This kit does not fit the earlier screw-in style, which is typically found on HPOP covers.

Updated standpipe tubes and dummy plugs have been developed to replace the old-style rail plugs that were susceptible to o-ring failure. This can result in no start or stalling, and can confuse the HPOP with a bad IPR valve. To prevent this, the updated stand pipe tube and dummy plug kit include backup PTFE washers.

Updated design

The TrackTech Updated Engine Oil Stand Pipe Plus Plug Kit will help you avoid costly engine repairs by fixing a common HPOS problem. The included hardware includes a dummy plug and a 10-mm Allen wrench. The dummy plugs have an integrated check valve, and the standpipe is easy to install.